It’s quite obvious at this point that I have failed to update this comic recently. It turns out that I can’t yet handle doing two comics at the same time, and with all the other work I have to do for my more steady jobs. And because of all this creating the comic has become something I don’t enjoy anymore. I may return to this story some day but don’t count on it. The website will remain up as an archive of the few pages I’ve done so far.

I’m sure anyone waiting for updates saw this coming. Dispite my initial excitement, it was probably foolish of me to try and tackle. I do still like the story I have written (far far ahead of the pages posted here) so hopefully one day I’ll have the time to commit to it.

Thank you for reading!

Update: To clarify, Eilis of the Underground isn’t gone forever. I have 25 pages of this in progress, I have a world I built, tons of characters you haven’t seen yet. I will do something with this when I have time. That time however, is not now or anytime soon. I don’t want people to get their hopes up, but I do have too much love invested in this for it to be the end now.